Wednesday, 20 March 2013

if i was a famous artist i would have painted .....

i recently took part in an art journaling challenge organised by Debs Mitchell in the MIXED MEDIA ART JOURNAL group ... media art journal

this month's prompt challenge (sponsored by or you can also
see there blog here is " If I was a Famous Artist... I would have Painted"

i have chosen the style of cecily mary barker and here is a photo of my entry

materials used ..  lilac paper soft colour dye
                          emerald soft colour dye
                          flower and butterfly stickers K&co
                          cecily mary barker fairy is a paper scrap from a decoupage kit
                          fairys were from a stencil and coloured in using oil pastel sticks

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

funny sheep story :)

i am currently joining in with @bernice hopper's 12 months to a view journalling prompt challenges.

for more info on how the challenges work please visit .....

this is my lamb page ...  the challenge was to use a collage of words associated with spring and a photo
of a lamb / sheep

i took the photos of the lambs at a farm cottage during a holiday we stayed at in north wales.  here is the original photo ...

and now for a funny story .... on our way home we decided to take the scenic route through the horseshoe pass.  we stopped by the gift shop which also has a posh cafe, well we then got stalked by a sheep !! 

she took a fancy to my boyfriend, mind you he did have food in his hands at the time!!, and then she started following me around

as you see from the photos she came right up to us to say hello !! ... and now for the extra funny bit
we went into the gift shop having a wonder around, and a couple who had seen what had happened with the sheep said to us "is your sheep following you"  ... and i was standing in the shop horrified that the sheep was there by me !!! it was so funny.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

a-z of me ... shaving foam technique

i have been very naughty and been neglecting to update my blog

i recently joined in with the "an a-z of me" journal prompt challenges with @bernice hopper and i have
throughly enjoyed learning new art journaling techniques

this one was particularly fun but very messy ....


STEP 1) bought a cheap tin of shaving foam and squirted it into a small tray

STEP TWO)  i then splodged some acrylic paints onto the shaving foam

STEP THREE) using a barbeque skewer i dragged the paint into lines and swirls, then placed a piece of
of card on top

STEP FOUR) this is how it looked when the first one came out of the tray before wiping away the excess foam

STEP FIVE) the photos a little blurry, but i was thrilled with how this technique turned out and so as not to waste the paint or foam i got a little carried away .....