Saturday, 30 June 2012

Altered Art Bottles

Since  my last blog, the first bottle has now got two friends !!

I am really enjoying decorating these old style bottles and here is what i am working on at the moment ....

in this photo i have created the bottle wrap label 

Close up photo shot of decorative label

Back view of bottle where i have added embellishments to highlight the pattern in the paper i used :)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Altered Art

I recently found myself a different outlet for my craftyness and have been enjoying decorating pages in an art journal ... which i will add to my blog soon.

i stumbled across a photo that i really liked and thought i can do that ....

so here is my interpretation of a vintage style altered bottle (i found the old bottles
at the car booty 3 for £1 !!)

stage one .. washed bottle then stuck stripey green scrap booking paper to the bottle with pva glue

stage two .. i then added sticky backed lace trimming and applied green tissue paper with pva glue

stage three ... i made my own bottle label by using an epoxy bubble frame stuck this onto a sentiment sheet
then added some more of the lace trimming, dangled the fabric flower over the neck of the
bottle with ribbon and a cream pearl threaded over a knot for extra detail.  this was secured into place with 3d foam pads, i also tied a raffia bow for the neck of the bottle and secured with pva glue.

stage four ... finally i used silicone glue to create a flower center piece using miniture artifical flowers

Sunday, 3 June 2012

holiday memories

firstly i must say thank you to my new followers from ... bloggers network
i have received a lot of encouragement, inspiration and help from members in this group :)

i also promised to show you the sketch i did while on holiday ....

... cricceth castle, north wales ... drawn with artist colouring pencils ...