Monday, 6 February 2012

Flower pot pin cushion

I have recently started a creative textile course and wanted to share with you my first make from this class.

 this photo shows needle, cotton thread, wadding, felt and material
 the wadding has been sewn into place with a running stitch and
 gathered into a scrunched up ball.  the piece of felt was then sewn to 
 cover over the wadding
 next stage to making my flower pot pin cushion was to then stictch into 
 place two layers of felt, that had been given a fancy edging, to my 
 wadding scrunch as shown in this photo

 this is a miniture terracota flower pot, i used pva glue to line all the
 way around the inside of the pot.
 i then pushed my wadding scrunch into the pot and turned it upside
down while i waited for it to dry overnight.
  and finally the finishing touches, i used a sticky backed ribbon and
  a flower embellishment to decorate my pot.
 ta da !! my finished flower pot pin cushion !!!! i am really pleased with
 how my little pin cushion turned out and it was very easy to make :)


  1. What a great idea - it's fab.

  2. Such a clever idea and what a lovely result. Fab work.
    Becky xx

  3. Just dropped in from CBN to check out your blog! This little pincushion is just lovely!
    Dawn xx

  4. Using a Terracotta Pot for a pin Cushion !! that's an awesome idea!! :)
    I have to share this with my Mom, she'll love it!! :D
    Pinning it too :)