Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Handmade Mistletoe Christmas Card

I am a huge Joanna Sheen fan and i love her craft cd roms, i have a few stashed away!! I really enjoy watching Joanna's craft demonstrations on the craft shopping channel, she always give really good tips and inspiration for how her cd's can be used

For this hand made card i used the background and images from Joanna sheen's card makers library cd rom .
I wanted a Christmassy feel to my card and i this is why i chose the mistletoe picture.

Firstly I have matted the main mistletoe image onto gold mirri card.  This was then stuck down with double sided tape onto matching mistletoe background paper, for a final touch i added some diamond glaze to the flower heads and used peel off stickers for my greeting.

So here is a photo of my finished hand made mistletoe christmas card :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

A Christmas Wreath

Thursday 8th December

I had a very interesting day at college, we didn't make any cards for the card making class, instead we had two visitors from one of the other college campuses and we helped them make a christmas wreath.

Started off by using a metal frame to wire on some very fresh moss, (with me escaping from the room everytime i saw something crawl!!!), once this was secured into place with the floristry wire i then started adding fresh spruce.  We were advised by our tutor to keep the spruce going in one direction and again this was all wired into place.

Now for the fun bit!!! after been on the floristry course and having made cards for a long time i knew that arrangements looked better in groups of 3's and 5's etc.  So i used some gauged floristry wire to create stems on some fir cones and they were poked into the wreath.   I wrapped some cinnamon sticks with raffia and secured to the wreath in the same way.  The tutor had got some dried apples and oranges so they went on too!!

For a final finishing touch i then made a bow out of tartan wired ribbon, a big loop so it can hang on the door and a ribbon tail, these were all secured into place using german mossing pins. Once this had all been done i turned the wreath over and the tutor showed me how to back the wreath with a special tape to proctect the door while the wreath was hanging up.

So here is my finished wreath :)